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The International Gay & Lesbian Football Association (IGLFA) was founded in 1992 in order to help promote and foster the growth of LGTBQ football world wide. Since IGLFA’s creation, more than 100 teams/clubs representing over 30 countries have joined and participated at IGLFA competitions. Each of these teams/clubs have played a vital role in helping IGLFA accomplish its goals and uphold its mission.

In recent years the IGLFA has shifted its focus from organizing an annual IGLFA World Championship, to one which provides assistance to organizing boards of national and international tournaments and events.

The Western North America IGLFA 25th Anniversary Event

The Western North America IGLFA 25th Anniversary event was held at the Sin City Soccer Shootout in Las Vegas, Nevada last night, January 14th, 2017. The Sin City Soccer Shootout is held annually and is an IGLFA sanctioned event. Topic of discussion: LGBT soccer and homophobia. The event was a great success, originally planned to have the discussion last 15-20 minutes ... it lasted 1.5 hours, showing that there is a real need in our community to address these issues together.

Upcoming Tournaments

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Sin City Soccer Shootout

The Sin City Soccer Shootout is a 7 vs 7 international tournament run as part of the Sin City Shootout that attracts over 7,500 athletes and their supporters and is the worlds largest annual LGBT Sports event.

The Tropicana hotel plays host to the Sin City Shootout with over 1,200 room for all athletes.  Check the Discounts and Events pages for all the nightly events and discounts we have set up for you.

Early Registration ends December 1, 2017

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2018 IGLFA World Championship XXIII @ Gay Games X- Paris, France

In October 2013, the International Federation of the Gay Games (FGG) awarded the Paris 2018 association the privilege of organizing the 10th edition of the Gay Games in Paris from the 2nd to the 12th of August 2018 and to bring together some 15,000 participants from around the world. Football will be played over 5 days from Monday August 6, 2018 to Friday August 10, 2018.  IGLFA looks forward to working hand in and with Football Club Paris arc en ciel in order to bring you an experience of a lifetime! Visit Website Visit Facebook Page

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