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The Friends of IGLFA is a 501.C.3 Non Profit that raises funds to continue the successful programs of the International Gay & Lesbian Football Association (Soccer). These programs include, but are not limited to:

  • The Outreach program which assists teams & individuals by supporting their participation at IGLFA tournaments & events.

  • The IGLFA organization educates players, coaches, referees and fans about diversity within the game. It shares its knowledge and practical understanding towards teaching of the physical and cultural well-being within the sport

  • The IGLFA provides its experiences, skills and tools in assisting tournament host committees in enhancing the overall experience and success in planning of tournaments, matches and events, local and international) and Gay Games.

  • They help support IGLFA in creating a space in which all can participate in a safe environment without fear of harm or discrimination

  • They fund the micro Scholarships for Community Events every year, focusing on LGBTQ issues around the world, for example, Transgender in the world of sports, Latino Culture and the LGBTQ Community and Why supporting LGBTQ sporting events helps more than just those who participate by creating actual visual proof that it is ok being who you are.

  • It also helps IGLFA in times of crisis. The latest example is the Failed OutGames in Miami, Florida. If not for the financial resources of the IGLFA, nearly 300 participants attending for the soccer tournament would have no tournament and would have wasted a week, including expenses for nothing. The IGLFA was able to financially cover the entire tournament independent of the OutGames.

The best way to support IGLFA is via here
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