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Taylor Williams

Director of Communications

Taylor Williams(he/him/his) is US board member, and founding member of a LGBTQ+ Soccer Club from Houston, TX.

What inspired my involvement with IGLFA?

I became a part of IGLFA out of a genuine passion for both the vibrant community it fosters and the beautiful game of soccer. My desire to forge connections across borders and dismantle barriers prompted me to join, with the ultimate goal of disseminating information and fostering a deep appreciation for the sport we all cherish. Too often, gatekeeping hinders access to numerous wondrous opportunities, and I wanted to contribute to changing that narrative.

Why endorse IGLFA-supported tournaments?

I wholeheartedly recommend our tournaments as they offer a secure haven to revel in our shared love for soccer while embracing our authentic selves. Each event opens the door to new connections with individuals who might otherwise remain undiscovered. By radiating positivity, every tournament becomes a catalyst for igniting the spirit of everyone we encounter, fostering a shared love for both ourselves and the beautiful game.

What benefits have you experienced by being authentically yourself in football?

Playing openly as a member of a team has significantly influenced my approach to life. Embracing my identity as an openly gay player has dispelled any lingering doubts or concerns, allowing me to navigate life with newfound confidence. Sharing my journey with others has been equally rewarding, providing valuable insights and diminishing any residual shame I may have felt in the past. Professionally, discussing my involvement in the sport, particularly as a member of an LGBTQ+ team, has become a source of pride rather than apprehension.

How has connecting with other LGBTQ+ individuals in football impacted you personally and professionally?

Playing openly on a team has not only facilitated personal growth but has also broadened my perspective on life. Hearing the diverse journeys of fellow LGBTQ+ players as our paths intersect has been enlightening. These experiences have proven to be significant assets when integrating my passion for soccer into conversations about my professional life. I no longer harbor the same level of apprehension or shame about openly sharing that I not only play the sport but am a proud member of a gay team, embodying the authenticity I hold dear.

Who in the LGBTQ+ football community inspires you and why?

My sources of inspiration within the LGBTQ+ football community are undeniably my fellow club members and the incredible individuals I've encountered through IGLFA and its events. Despite hailing from diverse backgrounds, our shared participation in the LGBTQ+ community has not hindered our collective pursuit of growth and equality. Their stories serve as a testament to the fact that progress and equality are only achievable by standing on the shoulders of those who paved the way before us.


Taylor Williams
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