Equality Through Football

The International Gay & Lesbian Football Association (IGLFA) was founded in 1992 in order to help promote and foster the growth of LGTBQ football world wide.  Since IGLFA’s creation, more than 100 teams/clubs representing over 30 countries have joined and participated at IGLFA competitions.  Each of these teams/clubs have played a vital role in helping IGLFA accomplish its goals and uphold its mission.

In recent years the IGLFA has shifted its focus from organizing an annual IGLFA World Championship, to one which provides assistance to organizing boards of national and international tournaments and events.

While partnering with the organizers of these events, the IGLFA provides support and aide to maintain the highest level of competition for our members.

The IGLFA works alongside tournament and event coordinators to assist in providing the best experience for our members at each tournament and event.

The IGLFA has and always will strive to support, nuture and improve any and all LGBTQ football organizations throughout the world.

Our Mission

The IGLFA is the world’s foremost international organization devoted to developing and promoting LGBTQ+ football (soccer). Our mission is to promote a safe space for LGBTQ+ participation in football, including friends of our community, while ensuring understanding of the highest standards for football competitions and establishing international standards for all IGLFA sanctioned tournaments.

 Mission Goals

  • The IGLFA strives to promote equality in the international football community while supporting LGBTQ+ football worldwide.
  • The IGLFA works to support, encourage and promote the growth of LGBTQ+ football clubs worldwide while promoting fair play and a positive football experience.
  • The IGLFA promotes the physical and tactical understanding of the game of football.
  • The IGLFA provides opportunities for LGBTQ+ football players and our allies to come together in both social and competitive arenas.
  • The IGLFA is also actively involved with numerous sporting organizations and coalition groups who’s goals are to rid homophobia in sport.
  • The IGLFA established an “Outreach Program” to assist teams and individuals with attending sanctioned tournaments that they may not have been able to attend otherwise.